Successful Collaboration Between SAFE-WU and FEB-UPNVJ in Jakarta Enhances Academic Opportunities and Global Reputation Jakarta, Indonesia – September 26, 2023

In a remarkable display of academic cooperation and international engagement, the School of Accountancy and Finance joined forces with the Center for International Affairs at Walailak University to host the muchanticipated Summer School 2023 program at Universitas Pembangunan Nasional VeteranJakarta (UPNVJ), Indonesia. This collaborative endeavor has unveiled a host of mutual benefits aimed at fostering academic growth and innovation between the two esteemed institutions. The event, which took place from September 14 to September 24, 2023, saw the convergence of eight students and one lecturer from SAFEFEB, who embarked on an educational voyage to UPNVJ. This initiative was strategically designed to enhance student mobility for the fiscal year 2023 while making significant strides towards augmenting the academic reputation of the school. 

One of the central objectives of this program was to equip participating students with essential attributes of Cultural Intelligence and Cultural Sensitivity. These skills are pivotal in shaping them into exemplary global citizens who are adept at navigating the diverse and interconnected world of academia and beyond. A key aspect of this collaboration is the sharing of resources between the two universities, including access to specialized facilities, laboratories, and libraries. This sharing of resources is anticipated to empower both institutions, enabling them to leverage their assets and provide a wider spectrum of educational and research opportunities to their students and faculty members. Moreover, as the collaborative efforts between SAFEFEB and UPNVJ continue to flourish, both institutions stand to gain from each other’s strengths and achievements. This synergy has the potential to open doors to increased funding opportunities, facilitate better faculty recruitment, and contribute to improved student enrollment.


The success of this joint venture not only augments the academic landscape but also elevates the international image and reputation of Walailak University through effective international branding. This collaborative initiative serves as a testament to the commitment of both institutions to foster excellence in education and research on a global scale.

As WU and UPNVJ continue to work in tandem, the future holds the promise of even more impactful collaborations, further enriching the academic experience for students and enhancing the global standing of these institutions.

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